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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Ciao to my readers! This is a little bio about myself...I'm not sure who would read it anyway :XD:

OK firsty,my name is...well,Hazel. I enjoy art and draw when I'm bored apparently. Though for an intro,I cant do ^^; Lets just go to the point

:boing: Stuff to note.... :boing:

:bulletwhite: Well,my name is Hazel. I hv a lot of yea :lol:
:bulletblue: I'm a Singaporean!
:bulletwhite: My favourite season is Winter
:bulletblue: I'm cheerful,a bit silent,kind and friendly
:bulletwhite: I'm a girl :dummy:
:bulletblue: I am a tomboy :meow:
:bulletwhite: My real birthday is on May 28
:bulletblue: My favourite colors are blue and white
:bulletwhite: I'm easy to talk to :meow:
:bulletblue: I :heart: :cookie:
:bulletwhite: I :heart: candy!

:boing: My favourite activities and games... :boing:
:bulletgreen: Drawing is a hobby for me
:bulletwhite: Gaming is my main activity,I hate working
:bulletgreen: I love Assassin's Creed
:bulletwhite: I love Mario and Luigi series
:bulletgreen: Minecraft is half my life
:bulletwhite: Out of the AC series,Connor,Ezio and Altair are my 3 favourite characters
:bulletgreen: I like Mario,Luigi and Yoshi from the Mario brothers series
:bulletwhite: My minecraft username had changed 8 times. It is now Chqra (skyoshi350 - AssassinoWolfie - BunnyAlty - KittyEzio - Syndacato - Chqra - Dimentio)
:bulletgreen: My favourite Minecraft servers are A1craft and Mineplex
:bulletwhite: Assassin's Creed is half my life as well

:boing: Games you can find me in...and if there are servers,a specific server :boing:

:bulletyellow: Mineplex on Champions Domination,sometimes Turf Wars,Sheep Quest and the Bridges
:bulletorange: A1craft Creative and Bending
:bulletyellow: Assassin's Creed Unity,playing either co-op missions or heists - depends wat I feel like playing
:bulletorange: Add me as a friend on Xbox Live(xbox one),send me a msg saying ur DeviantART username

:boing: Talk to me! :boing:

:bulletpink: Add me on Skype! - hazel.how1
:bulletpurple: Add me on Xbox live! (xbox one...?) - LittleEeveeStar
:bulletpink: Assassin's Creed Unity! (Must have a mic) - any co-op mission
:bulletpurple: Add me on your 3DS! - Friend Code: 4699 - 8738 - 7415

:boing: Other stuff to note :boing:
:bulletblack: I accept drawing requests from anyone who askes :aww:
:bulletwhite: Paying me points for requests are optional - seriously,I don't need points. U can still give it to me if u want though
:bulletblack: I don't enjoy attending competitions - I'm terrible
:bulletwhite: I'm online everyday,unless theres something that happens and I can't get on
:bulletblack: I reply to every comment - well,unless my app lags and I accidentally cancel the reply ^^;


If your reading this,thank god someone sees it. But for a while (by that I mean like absolutely forever) I havent uplodaded much except a random Chara picture I did in my spare time. I havent finished the other Eeveelution GIFs yet though...I'm workin on it. But I wanna say that I'm sorry that I couldnt get many pictured uploaded these days,tgeres the exam period raging right now,I'm busy with schoolwork,have to finish a Community Picture,draw something for my school digitally,finish the GIFs,draw 3 friends' Minecraft Skins AND catch up on my other things here on Deviantart. I'll pull through it though. Oh,and if ANYONE even remembers...I havent dont my 2k16 Friends Forever pic. I've done it and I have to upload it in some time. And if I got ANY colors wrong in that pic,its cuz it was from pure memory. I cant color exact colors but I tried. Requests for GIFs,drawings or some stuff are still open if you want,I'll try tk get all these donenas soon as possible. After my exams,I'll get many months off work before 2017,so drawings will be uploaded more often. I also have a lack of ideas now,so I have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to draw. And I've opened Oil Pastel tributes or drawings as an option for any request. Thats all I need to say,thnak you for reading this entire thing! Stay happy,take it easy. Peace out! -Hazel
Chara by LittleWolfieStar
:star: YAY!
:star: I was actually gonna draw Sans but I decided that was for another time...
:star: I think it turned out pretty well,despite the fact I made it completely without traditional outlining
:star: :dummy: I'm proud of being Chara and I don't care!
:star: Chara belongs to - Toby Fox
:star: Original artwork - Me :boing:
:star: Made with - DAMuro While listening to Stronger Than You nightmare
:star: Time taken - Around 2h
:heart: Comments and favourites are appreciated :heart:
:star: Watch/Friend me for more content! :star:
Da cute Flower Sans by LittleWolfieStar
Da cute Flower Sans
:star: Hey don't blame me for being into Undertale AUs and stuff
:star: I had this design in mind for a rlly long time,before I decided to post it on DA
:star: me pls.
:star: Flower(tale) Sans belongs to - Me :boing:
:star: Original art - Me :boing:
:star: Colored with Oil Pastels
:star: Comments and favourites are appreciated :star:
:heart: Watch/Friend me for more content! :heart:
  • Listening to: Nightcore
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Minecraft
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothin!
While being a friendly person that always seems to be happy...I can't hold in the true feelings anymore

A lot has been happening lately,first I jump into my depression state again I suffer depression too,although I always seem to break it somehow then I find out someone whose art I loved was banned (never check the status of BaconBloodFire's ban...tell me if she's unbanned :saddummy: third,I get at least 3 rant journals in a day. It's crazy. I've worked on a drawing or two (one is an epic movie picture thing that will be submitted later cuz I have to finish it digitally) and the second one isn't much of a surprise...but still,I'm done with my days in a way hey it rhymed :dummy: and it may not get better for now...but I'm relieved to finally write this

Not that ANYONE would read this ;-;

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